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About Bảo Khánh Silk


We have over 500 fabrics for suits. We have pinstripes, solids, herringbones, plaids and many other for winter, all year round and summer. We also have cotton, linen, crepe and more. We have cashmere and wool, worsted, mohair, flannels, gaberdines, silks, silk and wool blends and many more. Our fabrics are carefully selected from the best weavers around the world. We take over 20 different measurements to make your suit.


We have all wool fabrics, camel hair, cashmere and wool, and pure cashmere. The fabrics are available in solid, plaid, herringbone and tweed designs.


Cashmere and wool, cashmere, worsted and wool, and silks in solid, plaid herringbone or tweed designs. We also have navy blue blazers in winter, all year round or summer fabrics.

Formal Wear

Tuxedos and dinner jackets in winter, summer or all year round fabrics.


Trousers in gabardines, twill and many other fabrics for winter, summer and all year round.


We make them in cotton, linen, polycotton and silk. We have 100% cotton in pinstripes, solids or plaids. We make shirts in any style. We have 60 different styles of monograms and 20 different styles of collars and cuffs. You may bring you own design and we will make your shirts your way. We take 18 different measurements for shirts. d lens to pure Cashmere and Merino wool


Take the chance and personalize your suit and shirt. Apart from our regular shirt and suit fabrics we also offer fabrics in pure silk for contrast collar and lining.

Care Tips 
Suit, Blazer, Coat and Trousers
• Always keep the garment on a hanger when not in use. 
• Dry clean only.
• Laundering after each wearing. 
• Machine or hand washes in warm water.
• Do not bleach or starch.
• Hang to partially dry and iron while damp.